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If you think fuel is expensive…

Imagine the cost of an auto collision! As more and more Americans take to the road this Spring, traveling on vacation, enjoying the great weather. Don’t let the sunny days lull you into a sense of safety and security behind the wheel.

Did you know? More auto collisions occur during sunny days than any other time?

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Construction Starting to Edge Back?

Looking for “Green Shoots”

Spring is here. As the days get longer the tress are leafing out and the green shoots of new growth are showing. I know all of us are looking for those same “green shoots” in the construction market….and there are actually some out there! For construction to come back, two things have to happen----we have to see demand increase and there has to be financing available to fund the demand. Let me share some information that shows there are a couple of “green shoots” out there for 2011!

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