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Fire & Life Safety America | Healthcare Case Study

The Situation

Plateau Medical Center is a critical access hospital that services many healthcare needs including emergency and inpatient/outpatient care to the Oak Hill, West Virginia area and surrounding communities.

plateau-medical-centerPlateau Medical Center adheres to the national standards and practices audited by The Joint Commission, which includes life and fire safety inspections.

In doing so, the medical center must inventory, test and inspect all life safety devices and systems and capture information to comply with The Joint Commission formatting regulations and standards.

The Solution

Plateau Medical Center facilityFire & Life Safety America met with key members of Plateau Medical Center’s staff to develop a proactive approach to meeting the life safety needs of their facility, including sprinkler, fire alarm, extinguisher and special hazard inspections.  Together, we developed a plan of action to maintain a consistent schedule for inspections while inventorying the life safety devices during every inspection.

After each inspection, our qualified technicians work with the medical and maintenance staff to correct any deficiencies in a timely manner. After the inspection and deficiency work is complete, FLSA staff meet to review The Joint Commission binder material as well to review accuracy, format, and inventory of devices.

The Value

Fire & Life Safety America is a one-stop-shop vendor for all of Plateau Medical Center’s life safety systems, including inspection, installation, and service work.

  • healthcare-binderAll life safety devices are barcoded and scanned during inspection which records install date, time and date of inspection, device type and model, and pass/fail status is easily viewable on our Building Reports inspection report. Any deficiency references the NFPA code and TJC Life Safety Code or applicable Environment of Care element.
  • Each inspection report displays and juxtaposes the last three inspections to verify inventory consistency and evaluate pass- or fail-status of previous reports.
  • FLSA team members continue to meet with hospital staff to plan and implement inspection schedules, review past reports, and review binder material.

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