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  • Campus Safety Tips to Prevent Fires During Winter Vacation

    With the holidays approaching, colleges and universities will be preparing for a very dangerous time of year. The mass exodus from dormitories leaves plenty of chances for fires to start in unoccupied rooms. Even though they are given explicit instructions, relying on students to take the proper fire safety prevention steps before leaving campus is foolish.

  • Cut the Cord…Advancements in Life Safety System Monitoring

    The way in which fire control panels have communicated with a central station has undergone significant changes. For more than 40 years, well recognized and commonly used plain old telephone systems (POTS) had been used for fire alarm communications. Today, however, these analog POTS are becoming obsolete and will ultimately be phased out. It’s no longer a matter of if, but rather when?

  • FLSA | Lifeguard Reporting Service

    As a building owner or property manager, it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the life safety systems installed at your location are working and in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Hazardous Items to Leave At Home On Your Commute

    When you take the subway, bus, or train to work, you may not be aware of the laundry list of items that pose a risk to you and other passengers. However, organizations like the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are on the lookout to ensure public safety and fire prevention. On the New York City Subway, New York City Buses, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, Staten Island Railway or Access-A-Ride, riding personal vehicles like scooters, skates, skateboards, and hoverboards is understandably prohibited. And some rules, like banning the smoking of cigarettes or cigars, are obvious. But some bans are less obvious.

  • Life Safety Device Inspection for Healthcare Facilities

    One of the highest priorities in any healthcare facility is a Fire and Life Safety system that is properly installed, fully functional, and thoroughly and regularly inspected. When Plateau Medical Center, a Joint Commission accredited healthcare facility in Oak Hill, West Virginia, met with our experienced and certified FLSA team, we listened to their needs and worked with key members of their staff to develop a fire and life safety device system that complies with all national and local medical standards.

  • The Future of Fire Life and Safety Technology

    The technology of fire safety has come a long way since the days of bucket brigades, and hand pump trucks pulled by horseback. Today we have high-tech sprinkler systems for every kind of structure imaginable, state of the art fire trucks, and personal fire extinguishers to help keep us safe.

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