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  • 3 Things to Check to Prepare Your Fireplace & Chimney for Winter

    Relaxing in front of a fire on a cold night is one of the few true pleasures of winter. But without proper fire prevention safety steps, your chimney and fireplace could hold the recipe for disaster. Roughly a thousand people die every year in winter home fires that result in over $2 billion in damages.

  • 5 Reasons Why Now is a Perfect Time to Evaluate the Fire Detection System on Your Campus

    One step in fireprevention on educational campuses is education itself. Providing students and faculty with the knowledge of fire safety and prevention and how to properly respond in an emergency situation will go a long way. But in an emergency, time is a valuable resource between evacuation and arrival of our first responders. Since 2000, college campuses have seen 86 fatal fires claiming 123 lives at facilities or housing within 3 miles of campus. Between 2007 – 2011, fire departments in the United States responded to an estimated average of 3,810 structure fires per year in campus housing facilities causing $9 million in property damage annually.

  • As Winter Approaches So Does the Increased Threat of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

    When the weather turns cold there are plenty of danger areas to monitor to keep your family warm and safe. Home fires occur most often in the winter months and without the proper life safety and fire protection systems your loved ones could be at risk. But one deadly threat stands out among the rest because it is completely invisible and can affect you without your knowledge, Carbon Monoxide (CO).

  • Best Time to Install a Sprinkler System

    It’s never too late to install a sprinkler system for your residential, municipal, industrial or commercial, structure. Whether you’re planning a project and are seeking an estimate to implement with your design or you have a specific proposal in mind and are looking for pricing, it’s important to find a team with problem solving and project management skills and experience. Many times, fire code requirements become second-thought in the building process, so developing and evaluating a need for fire protection issues and code requirements early on will save time and be most cost-effective in the long run.

  • Campus Safety Tips to Prevent Fires During Winter Vacation

    With the holidays approaching, colleges and universities will be preparing for a very dangerous time of year. The mass exodus from dormitories leaves plenty of chances for fires to start in unoccupied rooms. Even though they are given explicit instructions, relying on students to take the proper fire safety prevention steps before leaving campus is foolish.

  • Easy Tips for Preparing Your Fire Safety System for Winter

    When the leaves are changing color and you start to wonder if this is the weekend when the clocks need to be turned back, it is also time to think about preparing your fire protection systems for winter. Taking the proper steps before the cold weather fully hits will save you the time and money of dealing with broken sprinklers and other components.

  • Fire Protection Services | Service Repairs

    Fire & Life Safety America offers a well-trained service department fully equipped to meet our clients’ maintenance and repair needs.

  • Fireplace Maintenance in the Summer

    Summertime is here, and although you are not using your fireplace, it should be maintained and kept clean for the winter months. There are many ways to take care of a fireplace to ensure that it is ready for when winter comes again. Maintaining a fireplace in your house is a key part of fire safety and is an important step to take during the warmer months to prepare for winter.

  • Life Safety Device Inspection for Healthcare Facilities

    One of the highest priorities in any healthcare facility is a Fire and Life Safety system that is properly installed, fully functional, and thoroughly and regularly inspected. When Plateau Medical Center, a Joint Commission accredited healthcare facility in Oak Hill, West Virginia, met with our experienced and certified FLSA team, we listened to their needs and worked with key members of their staff to develop a fire and life safety device system that complies with all national and local medical standards.

  • The Future of Fire Life and Safety Technology

    The technology of fire safety has come a long way since the days of bucket brigades, and hand pump trucks pulled by horseback. Today we have high-tech sprinkler systems for every kind of structure imaginable, state of the art fire trucks, and personal fire extinguishers to help keep us safe.

  • What a Warranty on Fire Safety Equipment Means for You

    Deciding on the right product and vendor for your fire and life safety equipment is a huge commitment because it’s not only about the design and installation experience, it’s also about the quality of the product being used to ultimately help save or reduce harm to life and property. Should an emergency situation occur, it’s imperative that your fire and life safety equipment installed in your resident or place of business is up to date and fully operational. In an emergency situation, there is no room for failure or error and making sure every piece of a safety system functions at its highest level.

  • When is Fire Suppression Foam the Right Choice for You?

    For centuries water has been the weapon of choice in fire protection. But in certain types of fires, water is at best ineffective and a catalyst at worst. To fight oil and other flammable liquid fires, fire suppression foam was found to be the best way to extinguish these highly dangerous blazes.

  • Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook a Fire Protection System

    Having a fire protection system in your home or office building is one of the most important investments you will ever make, and is a safety addition you cannot afford to overlook. Recent studies found that more than 60% of all home fire deaths in the United States came as a result of not having a smoke alarm, or in homes that had one but it was not in proper working order. Don’t allow you or your loved ones to become a part of this terrible statistic by overlooking a fire protection system of your own.

  • Why You Should Schedule a Fire Safety Inspection

    Fire safety inspections are important to conduct for a residential space or a business. Fire safety inspections can help to ensure that equipment is operating properly and can help prevent any potential dangerous issues from occurring. There are many benefits that can arise from fire safety inspections. A primary advantage of fire safety inspections is that inspections can help to prevent fires from happening.

  • Winterizing Fire Sprinkler System | FLSA

    Your Fire Sprinkler System Might

    Winterizing fire sprinkler systems is a critical service needed to reduce the chance of water damage caused when water leaks from a broken pipe due to frozen water.

    References: NFPA 13, 2002 edition, section and NFPA 25 requirements.

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