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Released on
Sunday, 20 January 2013 19:00
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Fire Protection Connection—the newsletter provided the public by Fire and Life Safety America!

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Q3 2014 Service Newsletter

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FLSA is in the business of providing the very best in life safety services for our clientele and we know that none of this is even remotely possible without our team of professionals inside and outside the office.

Q3 2014 Sales Newsletter

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Overall activity, in our construction divisions, is at full speed. According to FMI, overall construction will increase 6-7% in the 4th quarter and continue through the year 2015.

Spring 2011

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Fire & Life Safety American National Account Program

We understand that nothing is more important than the safety of the people in your buildings and that is why we are solely devoted to fire and life safety. It’s all we do. The FLSA National Account program is design to meet your expectations for quality, consistency, and responsiveness…

Summer 2010

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What Can LifeGuard Do For You?

So what can LifeGuard do for you? Well, other than save your life at the beach or at the local pool, it can also provide a total reporting accountability of your life safety systems…

Fall 2009

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Plan Your Escape!

With the continuing debate about residential fire sprinklers it is more important than ever to make a fire escape plan with your family…

Spring 2008

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Warm Weather Testing Requirements

Main Drain Tests confirm that the water supply is available at the system riser and that it has not changed significantly from the original or subsequent tests. Changes in the water supply can adversely affect sprinkler system performance…

Fall 2008

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Freeze Protection for Exposed Structures

A dry sprinkler can be a pendent, upright or sidewall sprinkler. The design of a dry sprinkler is where a sprinkler is secured to an extension nipple that has a seal at the inlet end to prevent water…

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