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Winterizing Fire Sprinkler System | FLSA

Your Fire Sprinkler System Might

Winterizing fire sprinkler systems is a critical service needed to reduce the chance of water damage caused when water leaks from a broken pipe due to frozen water.

References: NFPA 13, 2002 edition, section and NFPA 25 requirements.

Fire & Life Safety America can provide winterization services as a standalone service call or as a part of annual and/or quarterly inspection services agreement. Winterization should always be performed prior to the on-set of cold weather and may be performed by the customer (owner) or by FLSA Technicians or Inspectors.

Winterization needed

If you would like to learn more about how FLSA can provide a little peace of mind please contact us.

We’d like to learn more about your facilities needs and discuss if this measure of preventative maintenance is critical to your operations.

Fire & Life Safety America offers no guarantee or warranty with inspection services of any kind. The work is being performed for the purpose of preventive maintenance, testing of equipment and review of changes or recommended service which should be performed. The work is not intended to be a guarantee of equipment or a guarantee against malfunction of equipment.

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