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Fire & Life Safety America | Products & Vendors

Fire & Life Safety America is engaged in these following product lines, including various brands:

  • Sprinklers
  • Fire Detection & Alarms
  • Special Hazards

We provide our customers superb warranty coverage, too!


FLSA is one of the largest customers of several leading brands of fire sprinklers. FLSA has special relationships with Viking Fire Products, Tyco Fire Products (Central, Gem and Star lines), and Reliable Fire Protection. We pay them early (discounting our bills), so we are able to obtain products on a preferred basis. FLSA also has relationships with multi-line distributors such as Hughes Supply, Atlantic American, American Fabrication, and Pacific Supply.

FLSA also has each of our offices stock an inventory of service items needed for 24 hour response. So for any job, from one head to 60,000, you can rely on FLSA!

Fire Detection & Alarms

FLSA designs, installs and services all types of fire/smoke detection and fire alarm systems. From small educational facilities to high rise voice activated systems, FLSA can design a system to meet your needs.

We employ NICET certified engineers as well as having our own fire protection engineer on staff to insure the design of our systems will meet your specifications and meet current code requirements in your area. Our experienced NICET certified alarm technicians are able to service (repair or replace) older out-dated equipment to the most current state of the art equipment on the market today. FLSA is UL Listed for installation of Local, Auxiliary, Remote Station, and Proprietary fire alarm systems.

FLSA installs special hazard clean agent alarm and detection using our CHEMETRON and ANSUL product lines while using Protectowire and Incipient Fire Detection (Cloud Chamber) for freezer applications. Air sampling systems are performed using our SAFE Fire Detection and VESDA lines which are two of the industry's top performers in this area.

To round off our fire alarm system product lines, FLSA is a distributor for FCI (Fire Control Instruments), Gamewell, Harrington Signal, EVAX, and Wheelock.

We are full line distributors of each line. This enables us to install any size system—from the smallest two-zone conventional panel to the most advanced addressable panel—as well as being able to supply networked systems where multiple panels are required.

Special Hazards

FLSA will design and install a wide range of Special Hazards systems. These “Special Hazards” systems are defined as the protection of equipment that is critical to your business operations. This can mean anything from Computer Servers, Telecommunication Facilities to Transformers. The selection of the proper type of system will include the type of hazard, building construction and occupancy. Some types of Special Hazards system are clean agent, carbon dioxide, foam, water spray, Minifog and spark detection systems. Most if not all of these systems will involve an alarm and detection system to annunciate and discharge the agent. FLSA has its own alarm division so that these systems are provided as a single source for the owner or contractor.

Clean Agent Systems

…will extinguish fire as a gaseous agent and are ideal to protect electronic components. FLSA can provide either FM200 or inert gas type systems utilizing Chemetron and Ansul product lines. Both types of systems are designed to provide a safe environment for occupied areas and protect equipment that is susceptible to damage from water based fire protection systems. After extinguishment these agents are designed for easy clean up and short disruption to your business.

Carbon Dioxide Systems

…are primarily used for local applications to protect specific equipment such as printing presses and engine turbines. It is best suited for unoccupied areas or areas where adequate warning can be given to allow for personnel evacuation prior to discharge of the agent.

Foam Agents

…are normally used against flammable liquid fires. Our experience in designing and installation foam systems includes protecting single projects with a bladder tank and in-line proportioner to multiple systems protecting Hangers utilized for the F-22 aircraft for the Department of the Navy. We have installed over a dozen hangars utilizing both AFFF and High Expansion type foam agents. Our product lines for foam systems include primarily Viking and Ansul.

FLSA has provided protection for specific equipment as cooling towers, transformers and conveyors with water spray systems using preaction or deluge systems.

FLSA has installed several projects involving a “Minifog” system with light sensitive flame detection and also spark extinguishment and detection systems specific for the wood industry teaming with Minimax Industries of Germany. The “Minifog” systems involved providing a multiple zoned deluge systems to protect presses involved in the manufacture of both orientated strand board (OSB) and medium density fiberboard (MDF) products. The spark extinguishment and detection systems were installed in the various ducted systems ranging from 12" in diameter to 8'–0" in diameter.

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