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3 Popular Toys that are Potentially Dangerous Fire Hazards

3 Popular Toys that are Potentially Dangerous Fire Hazards

The excitement of seeing your child open presents on Christmas is an experience every parent should relish. But what if that toy has the potential to put not only your child in danger, but your entire family and home in peril as well. Here are a few things Santa might have left under your tree that could potentially ruin the New Year for you and your family.


Probably the most popular toy on the market this past Christmas, is also the most dangerous. Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that allow people to ride around while standing. The device gets its directions from the rider by leaning against the board. For the most part, Mike Tyson excluded, the devices work pretty well.

The problems arise from charging the boards. There have been numerous cases reported from around the world of boards catching fire while being charged. The dangers have caused the products to be banned from many campuses including Ohio State University. The popular toys have also been banned by a few airlines including Delta, JetBlue, and British Airways. Delta’s ban includes carry on and checked luggage.

Powered Ride-on cars

One of the most popular toys for any child is a motorized ride-on car. Kids love to have their own vehicles that they can drive around the neighborhood with their friends. Unfortunately, they can be potentially dangerous as well.

Three years ago, Fisher Price recalled as many as 10 million of their Power Wheels drivable cars that were found to have circuitry that could overheat. But a Good Morning America report stated that the recall has not reached as many as 80% of the popular toys already in the marketplace.

Remote Control Helicopters

Remote Control Helicopters have been popular toys for years. But now there is an off-shoot of the toy helicopter where the device has 4-6 rotors all in parallel positions. These copters go by the buzzword of Drones. But like their regular predecessors, drones can be a dangerous fire hazard.

Many of these devices are powered by Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries. LiPo batteries are known to be safe in pristine condition, but have been known to fail if damaged or used improperly. A fire caused by a LiPo battery will spread quickly and do a lot of damage.


The common denominator in all three of these types of toys is electricity. Any time you are using a powered toy or device great caution must be undertaken. Charging a toy with a damaged charging cable, or an overloaded extension could be a recipe for disaster.

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