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5 Ways to Keep Your Valentine’s Day Dinner from Going up in Flames

5 Ways to Keep Your Valentine’s Day Dinner from Going up in Flames

As we celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, many of us will choose to express our adoration by preparing an ambrosial array of culinary delights. Sharing a mouth-watering, delectable meal with our significant other allows us to give and receive the sensual pleasure of delicious food, and shows that we care about our loved one’s well being and comfort. To be sure the flames of your passion do not turn into literal flames, follow this easy list of five kitchen safety tips as you bake, sauté, and sizzle your way into his or her heart!

1. You’ve protected your greatest investment, your home, by installing a sprinkler system, brilliant! You may want to save the flowing silk robe for after dinner. Loose fabrics belong in the bedroom, not the kitchen, and nothing will ruin the mood faster than a draping sleeve going up in flames, then getting soaked from head to toe by your sprinkler system.

2. Because love means laughing and playing, keep those saucepan handles facing in towards the stove so they don’t get knocked off, in casing your roasting becomes raucous!

3. If you must, ahem, leave the kitchen for a little while during your culinary preparations, take a moment and be sure to turn off the stove whether it’s a gas flame or electric heat. Unattended cooking can be a serious fire hazard at most, and can burn and ruin all of your hard work, at least.

4. When creating a romantic mood for dinner, you may want to light candles throughout your home for a warm, inviting, beautiful glow. Flameless candles look just like the real thing, and are completely safe.

5. Being prepared means you can relax and enjoy the moment, so be sure to check the batteries in all of your smoke detectors, and make sure there is a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, within quick, easy reach.

By following these simple fire safety steps, you will dazzle your sweetheart with your intelligence, and only fan flames of love!

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