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A Fire Protection Partnership versus A Vendor-ship

A Fire Protection Partnership versus A Vendor-ship

Fully functional and operational fire protection systems are one of the most important lines of defense in every business; however, it can often be neglected. When deciding how you will select your fire protection company there are a few things to consider that should determine which company to pick.

Peace of Mind Checklist

  • Credibility
    • How long have they been in business?
    • What other businesses do they handle that can vouch for their work?
  • Certifications
    • This goes right along with and even reinforces a company’s credibility.
  • Integrity
    • Do you feel that this company will do the right thing even when you’re not around? How do you know that you’re getting what you pay for?
  • Value
    • Value isn’t something that can be determined merely by a dollar sign, but true value is dictated by what you are receiving.

By definition a vendor is a person or agency that sells. Hiring a “vendor” to be responsible for your life safety systems isn’t the wisest decision to make. A vendor merely sells you something. Look up the word vendor in a thesaurus and one word that pops up is “dealer.” Looking for someone who will just give you a “deal” when it comes to fire protection is like trying to pick the least expensive physician to help treat cancer…trying to save pennies while jeopardizing lives. Which savings is worth more?

Entering into a partnership with a fire protection company means that there is a joint interest. Gaining a partner in fire protection grants you the peace of knowing that you have someone who shares interest in the endeavor of ensuring that your life safety systems will work and be fully functional when an emergency arises.

We fully understand the value of a partnership and provide our customers with the following:

  • Proactive scheduling, keeping records of when your inspections are due to ensure that you maintain fire code compliance.
  • Invest in our technicians, funding their schooling and their certifications to make certain that our partners have top of the line support with the knowledge needed to properly test and service your fire sprinkler, fire alarm, suppression systems, and fire extinguishers.
  • Provide you with an online digital reporting system that is username/password protected and accessible from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Partnership…or vendor-ship. Don’t strike a deal that could cost you your life and the life of others.