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Antiquated Monitoring Technology…Times are Changing

Antiquated Monitoring Technology…Times are Changing

FLSA is seeing a big shift in the industry where more and more telecommunication companies are abating their maintenance and service programs supporting traditional copper phone line infrastructure to make room for state of the art “cellular” replacement options.

As a leader in fire protection, FLSA has partnered with leading manufacturers, cellular carriers, and governing bodies so that we can support this evolution turn key. There are few benefits worth mentioning below:

1. There will no longer be a need to pay expensive monthly fees to support dedicated phone lines because the phone lines will be gone!
2. For the most part, but not always, the new cellular technology are compatible with most equipment types including the proprietary ones that historically have been costly and burdensome to convert over to competitive providers
3. The cellular option affords value options for reporting event logs, remote and mobile user access, point addressability, and many others features.
4. Ease of installation is a big one too.

While there is not been a defining cut off period set to transition your monitoring services to cellular, industry experts are predicting one in the near future.