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Avoid a Failure to Communicate…Wireless Monitoring Technology

Avoid a Failure to Communicate…Wireless Monitoring Technology

Farewell POTS and Hello Wireless

Today, copper telephone lines that support POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) have become an aging infrastructure. If your fire and/or security monitoring services currently rely on this antiquated technology, the time has come to consider a change. Phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and others are no longer required to install or maintain existing POTS lines. According to AT&T, landlines across America could become obsolete in the very near future.

Using the cellular network, your fire alarm system reports emergencies and gets you the first response and help you need quickly. Because of recent phone company network changeovers, bandwidth harvesting, and 3G and CDMA sunsets, many of today’s systems need upgrading. To ensure it keeps on working reliably and performing its critical job such as safeguarding life, employees, clients and property in any emergency.

What does it mean to sunset something?

Sunsetting, in a business context, is intentionally phasing something out or terminating it. The term is often used in reference to brands, partnerships, agreements, business policies and hardware and software products, among other possibilities. In February 2022, all 3G/4G networks are being decommissioned with sunset occurring. 

The Good News

Now here is the good news… the switch to a more reliable and cost-effective service for monitoring is easy to install and program. FLSA will keep your premises, property, business, staff, & customers safe with round the-clock professional monitoring and faster emergency response for your fire alarm, using today’s latest LTE cellular technology. StarLink Fire Universal Wireless Alarm Communicators will connect your business to the proper authorities seamlessly. We use today’s largest, multi-billion dollar cyber-protected cellular/IP LTE networks.

FLSA is a proven leader in assisting companies in making the successful transition from POTS to wireless technology painless including the long-term savings that are achieved by removing existing phone lines and reducing unnecessary costs. Make the switch today before it is too late!