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Believe It or Not … It Really Happened!

Believe It or Not … It Really Happened!

These incidents really occurred! You can learn from these mistakes.

  • After years of neglect and during a fire alarm survey, an inspection sales representative opened a fire control panel only to find a nest of spiders and other creepy creatures.
  • A fire official once visited a hotel property only to learn that their fire alarm system had been unplugged due to nuisance alarms. The official then proceeded to disable their 1-800 reservation line until the system was repowered, inspected, problems corrected and had a green light.
  • During a system survey, a smoke detector was heard chirping from the inside of a wall.
  • At a manufacturing facility, five service tags from 5 different life safety vendors was found on one sprinkler riser.
  • A fire extinguisher inspected on a college campus was coated in camouflage colors…so much so no one has found it since.

5 Scary Reasons Why You Need to Partner with a Professional Fire and Life Safety Company

  1. Clear, concise, specific and accurate are all words that describe a well presented test and inspection report that indicates the overall health of the system, what fire, sprinkler, and suppression devices passed and failed along with recommendations to make immediate repairs.
  2. How accessible is your inspection report? If the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) arrives on site, can you find your report within 5 minutes?
  3. A life and fire safety system should be inspected by a certified inspector possessing the appropriate NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certifications.
  4. Fire sprinkler tags along with inspection reports tell a story…is the story of your system healthy, sick or scary?
  5. How long has your current life and fire safety company been in business? It makes a difference.

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