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Best Smoke Detectors for Businesses

Best Smoke Detectors for Businesses

Smoke detectors and related safety equipment are important for businesses. Using the right smoke detectors can provide a warning sign if there is a fire starting in a business or industry environment.

Smoke detectors can protect your employees, your customers, and your products and services. Life and fire safety are very important. Check out some of the best smoke detectors and fire protections services for businesses and make sure your company is fully protected from any fire emergency.


VESDA by Xtralis is a great choice for commercial smoke detectors. This system provides early warnings of aspirating smoke detection. The air sampling method can give you an early warning of potential fire issues. The VESDA ASDs can be used in many types of businesses and industries including accommodation such as hotels and offices, hospitals, transportation, and data and telecom.


ANSUL is one of the best brands that offers conventional smoke detector systems. The AUTOPULSE system has the ability to detect smoke, flame, and heat. Features of these products include a built-in programmer, a history log that can store 256 events, dual hazard operation, and an LCD display. The system includes accessories such as bells, maintenance switches, manual pull stations, and detectors.


Spectrex SharpEye Flame Detectors are also recommended. These can be used in different environmental conditions as well as in commercial buildings, based on the product. For example, the 20/20MPI is a commercial flame detector. Features include the high immunity to false alarms and a long-distance flame detection. It is an IR3 detector, so it is very helpful inside buildings such as train stations and public buildings.


Chemetron Fire Systems offers addressable systems, conventional systems, and high-sensitivity smoke detections systems. In an addressable, or intelligent, system, every device has its own address for identification. These systems are great for applications such as high-tech and industrial applications. Conventional systems have different zones that connect back to a main control panel. The high-sensitivity smoke detection system offered by Chemetron is especially helpful for places such as data centers. These high-sensitivity detectors are laser-based detectors.


Protectowire smoke detectors are also recommended systems. The SLR-24 smoke detectors by Protectowire can be used for different applications including smoldering. They can be used as photoelectric smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors, alarm systems, and safety equipment are essential for businesses to stay protected. Check out these brands and other recommended fire protection services to find the best system for your industry. Make sure to follow the proper fire codes for your industry and maintain life and fire safety. Take the right steps to ensure your business is protected in case of an unexpected fire emergency.