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Best Time to Install a Sprinkler System

Best Time to Install a Sprinkler System

It’s never too late to install a sprinkler system for your residential, municipal, industrial or commercial, structure. Whether you’re planning a project and are seeking an estimate to implement with your design or you have a specific proposal in mind and are looking for pricing, it’s important to find a team with problem solving and project management skills and experience. Many times, fire code requirements become second-thought in the building process, so developing and evaluating a need for fire protection issues and code requirements early on will save time and be most cost-effective in the long run.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, “sprinklers are still rare in educational properties (36% of fires), stores and offices (24%), public assembly properties (23%), and especially homes (6%), where most fire deaths occur.” These statistics show that there is still room to expand for fire protection equipment and fire sprinklers within many facilities and structures.

Early Planning:

Introducing a fire sprinkler system early-on in the planning phase of a new structure or facility is the best time to effectively and efficiently install the fire safety equipment. Getting a jump-start on the process allows engineers to work closely together on specifications to seamlessly accommodate necessary piping and access points. Not only that, but having a sprinkler system incorporated in the planning phase allows a fire protection engineer to design a custom sprinkler system that will be the most efficient in protection as well as the most cost effective.


Another option is to renovate a space to accommodate a new or upgraded fire sprinkler system. Renovating a structure or retrofitting a facility for an updated and affordable fire protection system is more than possible and is a way to bring old structures into the modern age of fire protection. Designers and engineers will work to provide an estimate for an affordable sprinkler system and can help coordinate the most strategic locations for fire protection. While renovating could be more costly and timely than installing at the onset of construction, the difference between having and not having a sprinkler system in your home, office, restaurant, hotel or other area of business can be a factor between life or loss of property.

Whatever the problem, the team at Fire and Life Safety America is equipped to bring a cost-effective and efficient solution for fire safety to any structure or project. The on staff fire protection engineers have solved problems big and small around the country and have an integrated system allowing designers, estimators and field managers access to electronic design files in order to easily communicate with project managers to get the job done.

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