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Defend in Place in Healthcare Facilities

Defend in Place in Healthcare Facilities

Fire protection is of the highest importance in keeping life and property safe. It is especially true in healthcare facilities where patients and staff defend in place. Fire & Life Safety America (FLSA) is the leading provider of fire protection in accredited healthcare facilities.

What is Defend in Place?

A strategy that is used mainly in healthcare for those occupants that are physically unable to leave the facility. This strategy allows healthcare staff to keep these patients in the facility, while also continue receiving any necessary treatment.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported last year that U.S. fire departments responded to about 5,750 structure fires in healthcare properties a year. Those fires resulted in an average of about two deaths, 157 injuries and $50.4 billion in direct property damage a year.

Unlike occupants in many other buildings who can exit or leave a building during a fire emergency, evacuation is more complicated in healthcare facilities with critically ill or injured patients.

Hospitals are designed to support a defend in place fire emergency strategy minimizing the need to evacuate, and, to the extent possible, allow for patients to remain in place or relocate within the building. It requires specific building components and highly trained medical staff to provide patient safety during a fire.

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