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Fire Protection for the Hospitality Industry

Fire Protection for the Hospitality Industry

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Hospitality is a broadly-encompassing and unique industry that mainly includes hotels and resorts. Other venues such as cruise ships, fine dining restaurants, and vacation rental homes can also be considered a part of this dynamic field. What makes the hospitality industry so remarkable is that its main business is providing services that are not a necessity. This quality means that superior customer service reigns supreme, because the customer’s experience is the only ‘commodity’ that is being sold.

As a hospitality business owner or manager, you are in the business of caring for your customers as if they were guests in your own home. Your guests’ comfort and happiness as well as their safety is of the utmost importance. Because of your care and concern for your customers’ well-being, as well as that of your employees, you take fire and life safety protection services seriously. Fire and Life Safety America is here to provide you with complete fire and life safety system design, fabrication, installation, inspection, and service. Our certified and experienced team at FLSA’s numerous locations nationwide will provide a thorough inspection of any existing fire and life safety systems, as we know that unfortunately, numerous hotels and hospitality venues have inoperable fire and life safety systems. For hospitality establishments that had fully functioning-and regularly-inspected systems in place last year, the small fires that did occur were swiftly prevented from causing potentially millions of dollars’ worth of damage, and prevented tragic loss of life.

By providing the knowledge and care that your guests expect, you can prevent the likelihood of these tragedies happening at your establishment, too. Fire and Life Safety America installs the most modern and effective fire sprinkler systems to replace inoperable ones, and whether you are a corporation responsible for a large chain of hotels, or an independent owner of a small boutique hotel, your location(s) will be centrally monitored through our nationwide locations. We listen to the specific needs of your business, and provide the weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections to meet all local and federal requirements to ensure the complete safety of your guests and employees. In addition, you will receive greatly improved corporate and site communication through FLSA’s single point of contact system, resulting in prompt resolution to routine inspection and safety emergency issues.

According to, “The hospitality industry relies heavily on providing an excellent level of service. Customers are visiting the business to get away from their troubles.” Hospitality industry professionals are in the distinctive business of selling a fantasy by providing an elevated experience that no one really needs but everyone wants. An experience where all is wonderfully well, and every desire can be satisfied and catered to with a warm welcome and sincere graciousness with a big smile. FLSA is proud to have the ability to manage these organizations, from large corporations to smaller regional or independent site accounts. By price marketing our services, we can offer a budgetary standard that is exceptionally important to the hospitality industry. Contact us today and see how we can provide your valued guests with the outstanding safety they expect!