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Fire Protection Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the oldest city within the state of South Carolina. It was first called Charles Town, and it received this name based on King Charles II of England. Many people throughout the nation come to visit Charleston for its great views, history, culture, arts, attractions, and more. The city’s fire department has a total of 20 fire companies, 16 of which are fire engine companies and four of which are ladder companies. Read on to learn more about the impact of the fire protection services provided in historic Charleston and the fire safety services provided by firefighters working in the area.

There are more than 120,000 people residing in Charleston. The city’s fire department covers about 109 square miles of land. The Charleston Fire Department has been serving its citizens since 1882, and the firefighters work hard to ensure the safety and protection of the Charleston community. Charleston’s fire department provides many fire and rescue services. The firefighters in Charleston learn how to work in high-pressure environments and participate in physical work in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to the Charleston community. They learn, through practices, education, and experience, how to work in these stressful environments. Some of the equipment could weigh more than 70 pounds. In addition to this equipment, the breathing apparatus weighs about 40 pounds. Training comes in variety of topics ranging from technical rescue and fire prevention to education and community relations.

The Recruit Academy for firefighters at the Charleston Fire Department will take place for about six months. A police background check occurs for each applicant. Firefighters do not need to be residing within the city in order to apply for employment at the Charleston Fire Department. A high school degree or GED is required for the job.

Charleston has increasingly become a famous tourist destination, especially in the southern United States. Charleston has great restaurants, arts, museums, churches, watersports, tours, and more that attract people from throughout the world. The City of Charleston’s Fire Department knows of its responsibility to citizens and visitors of Charleston alike, and the fire department is a state-licensed medical First Responder agency ready to provide fire safety services.

The fire department’s team of firefighters practice through training drills, join in community and educational programs related to fire safety, and is focused on providing protection to the city. The City of Charleston Fire Department has earned an ISO Class I rating, which is the best rating given by the Insurance Service Office. This is a fairly unique rating to receive, considering the number of communities throughout the country.

The City of Charleston Fire Department is also an internationally accredited agency. Charleston is a great place to reside and to visit throughout the year, and it has the essential support needed through fire protection services for safety and security in the area. The fire department is staffed and equipped with a knowledgeable team of firefighters prepared to provide the services needed in case of any fire emergency.