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Fire Protection Services: Is Your Company Covered?

Fire Protection Services: Is Your Company Covered?

You’ve worked hard to build your company into the success that it is today. Protecting life and property of your team of employees, your facility, and your greatest investment, is what Fire & Life Safety America will provide for you. Whether you are looking for a fire protection company in Richmond, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; or in another of our many locations across the United States, Fire & Life Safety America has got you covered!

If you have not yet installed a fire and life safety system in your facility, or are in the planning stages of new building construction, our NICET certified and experienced design and installation team will work with you to deliver the proper design and installation of fire safety and other life protection systems that meet your facility and company’s specific needs.

Each of our nation-wide Fire & Life Safety America locations, including greater Richmond and surrounding areas, also offers a wide range of inspection services, so you can rest assured that your facility’s existing safety systems are functioning properly and adequately, are tested regularly, and meet all code requirements. Our Inspections Department team at FLSA is proud to provide the following services for our clients:

· Programming for a variety of alarm systems

· Servicing of all fire alarm devices

· Inspection, testing, and Central Station Monitoring of fire alarm systems

· Fire Pump Testing

· Inspection and testing of fire extinguishers

· Inspection and testing of Special Hazards Suppression Systems

· Inspection and testing of Water Based Fire Protection Systems

· Testing and Certification of Backflow Prevention Devices

· Identification of Manufacturer’s Recall Sprinkler Heads

Our team of NICET certified inspectors complies in accordance of all NFPA 25, NFPA 72, and NPPA 10 regulatory standards, offering weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspection schedules to meet the specific needs of your company’s regulatory and facility insurance requirements. We also offer you full access to your inspection schedule, as well as to all of your inspection reports via our secure Intranet, allowing for easy and efficient access to proof of work and all reports whenever and wherever you need them.

Let FLSA give you peace of mind in knowing that all of your fire safety, life, and property protection requirements will be fully taken care of by a team of dedicated, highly trained, experienced professionals, so you can get back to doing what you do best: leading your company to soar to ever greater heights of expansion and success.