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Fire Safety in the Digital World

Fire Safety in the Digital World

Fire safety equipment and inspections have come a long way in the past couple of years, let alone since The Great Chicago Fire. Fire fighters are using infrared cameras to identify and extinguish potential heat sources. Fire sprinkler systems are becoming more advanced as are the networks of safety devices whether they’re installed in the home, place of business, or in educational and government facilities. While technology for fighting and preventing fires is increasing, so is a way to inspect and maintain the equipment so they meet codes and do the job if the time comes.

Now more than ever there is an increased responsibility to maintain equipment, comply with building codes and keep up with required inspections. With technology improving and being implemented into our everyday lives, there is an increased room for error on the human side compared with the efficiency and programming of computer applications. The days of keeping year-after-year of records in binders stacked on shelves or boxed away is over for the rest of the world with digital platforms, and it’s true for the fire safety and property management systems as well.

Systems like LifeGuard™, a web-based inspection reporting system, provides a searchable database of fire and life safety equipment down to the installation date, inspection results, manufacturer, model number, and location within a building or campus. On top of that, the searchable database provides information regarding equipment recalls and links to building codes and standards.

An integrated, up-to-date, searchable building report fully documented in accordance with regulatory standards that is reviewable and editable online produces accurate and verifiable data at your fingertips. It provides efficiency, accuracy and assurances necessary when people’s live could be at risk.

Often times, building managers are left with stacks of papers to sort through and unverifiable proof that every last piece of safety equipment has been inspected. Going digital forces accountability on the inspectors by using time-stamps and provides easily accessible proof that a building has been properly maintained to code and standards, should something happen. A digital system provides a management company, office, or educational campus peace of mind knowing their fire, life and safety equipment is properly maintained. And more importantly, it ensures that the network of equipment will have a fighting chance if something happens, saving both lives and property.

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