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Fire Safety for Parents

Fire Safety for Parents

One of the best ways to make your family’s home an area that is safe from fire is to educate your children about the dangers of fire and what to do if one occurs.

Taking the time to educate your children about fire safety can often be the difference between life and death in the event of a fire emergency. Read below to learn a few ways in which parents can easily create a fire safe environment for their children to live in.

Create a Plan

Make sure that your entire family knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire. Inform your children of the various ways in which they can escape from their bedroom while also creating a primary and secondary exit plan for every room in the house. For rooms on the second level of your home, consider purchasing a fire escape ladder. Furthermore, teach your children the signs of a fire in your home. The smell of smoke and fire alarms should be the signals that your family will need to put its fire escape plan into action. With that said, practice the plan with your family! Your children will most likely think the exercise is fun and it will ensure that they know what to do if a real fire were to occur.

Develop a Fire Safety Routine

You might routinely check the smoke and carbon monoxide in your home, but be sure to share the routine and the reasons for it with your children. Developing good fire safety and awareness habits from an early age will reduce the chances that mistakes will be made in the future. Explain to your children the dangers of playing with fire and that you should change your smoke alarm systems’ batteries twice a year. In addition to changing the smoke alarm’s batteries, check that your smoke alarms are working once a month. Make your entire fire safety routine something that you and your children do together in order to develop excellent fire safety habits!

Supervise Your Children

This may sound obvious, but there are certain times your children need to be watched closely when inside the home. If your children enjoy preparing their own food in the kitchen, make sure that you supervise them when doing so. Even the most routine stove top or oven meal could turn into a disaster if correct parent supervision is not given when in the kitchen.

Take the time necessary to teach your children about fire safety. Knowing that your children will know what to do during the event of a fire and how to prevent fires will give you peace of mind!