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Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety plans are essential for all businesses to follow. All employees should be aware of fire prevention tips and safety codes and they should be knowledgeable of an escape plan if a fire does occur.

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Response Plan

Be Prepared—Develop a response plan touse if a fire occurs. Provide this plan to every employee and make sure to practice the plan by performing fire drills. Plans should also be posted throughout your building. The plan should include:

  • Names of all employees
  • Location of meeting areas
  • Proper exits to take
  • How you plan to let employees know to evacuate

The location in which you meet should be located away from the building.

Call 911 and provide the necessary information if a fire does occur.

Safety Codes

You must make sure to follow fire safety codes. These can include codes regarding smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and the appropriate exits of the building. For example, make sure you have the proper fire alarm system for your business, which can include sprinkler systems and smoke alarms.

Exits & Stairs

In addition to knowing the proper exits to take if a fire occurs, make sure to avoid blocking these exits with furniture, storage items, etc. Keep the area around the exits clear and easy to access. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the business in general. Also, do not use the company’s elevators. Only exit the building by using the stairwells if a fire occurs.

Understand Fire Alarms

All company employees should know how to use fire alarms. Make sure that they know where the fire alarms are located.

Fire Insurance

Make sure that your company has the proper fire insurance. This coverage can reduce costs in case damage does occur to your company.

Exit Signs & Emergency Lights

Make sure that emergency lights and exit signs work properly so employees know where to go when they evacuate the building if there is a fire. These are especially important if the power is not working.

Kitchen Appliances

Make sure to maintain all appliances if your company has a kitchen. If employees are not using the appliances, turn them off. Appliances that have been turned on should not be left unattended.

It is very important that your business follows the right fire safety tips. FLSA provides numerous fire protection services to make sure your business is safe.

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