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Functional and Visual Code Requirements

Functional and Visual Code Requirements

Life & Fire Safety Systems: To Test or not to Test. While I’m at it: What and When?

If your job responsibilities include facility services and more specifically the maintenance of the life safety systems found in your facility you may find this blog to be a helpful resource.

The answer to the lead-in question with respect to test or not to test is an unequivocal YES. The answer to “What and When” can be found in the attached document for Functional and Visual Code Requirements. In an effort to make the process of code interpretation simpler, we offer you this free resource for the What and When. The code requirements for Functional and Visual Inspections are broken down as follows:

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is the verification that the system is in working order by simulating a fire condition or activating a test button.

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection is the confirmation that the system is activated and operating properly by visually checking the system, such as, the panel lights, trouble lights or gauges. This process does not usually require activation of the system.

Fire & Life Safety America understands the challenges associated with navigating oneself through the various building fire codes and how satisfying inspection requirements per the AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) can be a monumental task unless you are from within the industry and have life safety experience, perhaps as a fire protection or building engineer. We hope you find this checklist helpful towards keeping your system functional and operating properly.

Download: FLSA Functional and Visual Code Requirements