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The Great Freeze of 2014…

The Great Freeze of 2014…

Protect Those Pipes!

The freezing temperatures we’ve experienced over the past few weeks are unprecedented as FLSA continues to respond to multiple emergency service calls related to freeze damage.

Most of the repairs that we have performed over the past few weeks have been to frozen piping on wet systems installed in unheated areas. Just repairing the piping systems does not get your life safety system back in service and does not solve the problem of the pipe freezing. If the piping is not properly protected from the cold, even the new repairs will unfortunately freeze again. Protecting the pipe from freezing is the owner’s responsibility, but FLSA is here to help.

Included in this memo are suggestions from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on how to properly protect piping installed in these type situations. Neither NFPA nor FLSA are insulation experts, so these are just recommendations. You should always utilize an insulation contractor who has experience in protecting fire sprinkler system piping installed under these conditions. Water in a fire sprinkler system is stagnant and freezes sooner than water in a domestic system where there is movement. A professional insulation contractor will know this and protect the piping accordingly.

Annex A: NFPA Insulation Layout Recommendations

Reprinted by permission from the National Fire Protection Association, 2011:

For additional information pertaining to proper insulation and protection of wet pipe systems please visit NFPA.

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