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Fire sprinkler systems have been in use for fire protection since the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. They were a major breakthrough at a time when fires did much more damage than today. Along with building materials, modern design and fire and safety services, fire sprinkler systems have improved tremendously. While many modern buildings are very resistant to the spread of a fire, one need only look up at the ceilings of most modern buildings to see fire sprinkler systems standing guard, ready to save lives and property. Most current day building codes require sprinkler systems in new construction and building renovations.

So, the jury is in on fire sprinkler systems…they work! But how do they work? When do they work? First, fire sprinkler systems are not activated by smoke, except in the movies and on TV. Smoke detectors sound the warning when fire’s troublesome cousin, smoke is sensed. Fire sprinkler systems begin their preventative spray when activated by a fire’s heat. Some are also connected directly to fire and safety services to insure rapid response Detectors and sprinklers provide a powerful one two punch. Smoke detectors warn, sprinkler systems help insure fire and life safety.

Remember, sprinkler systems are designed for fire protection. They work to suppress and control fire. This design wisdom also takes water damage into account. Most fires begin small in one area and spread to surrounding areas. Sprinkler systems are activated by heat. Heat rises. When the heat from a fire hits the sensor of the sprinkler head closest to the fire, life and property saving water begin to flow and the fire protection process is underway. Sprinkler systems concentrate and focus their suppressive powers where they are needed most to limit costly water damage.

Fortunately here in the twenty first century, sprinkler systems, fire and safety services and other modern methods of fire protection work together to help insure fire and life safety. Fire sprinkler systems are armed and ready to do their job. Smoke detectors well trained fire protection professionals and, fire safety companies team up to keep is safe and minimize damage. In the end, we can all do our part by seeking fire protection training and using it to be prepared when and if a fire occurs. And don’t forget to be grateful for the tools and techniques available to save lives and minimize damage to property. After all, we are all in this thing together!