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Importance of Life Safety Inspection Reports in Healthcare Facilities

Importance of Life Safety Inspection Reports in Healthcare Facilities

The importance of Life Safety Inspection Reporting in Healthcare facilities is extremely important because they are required to meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements in order to receive CMS funding. 

Loss of CMS Funding Notice of Medicare termination is devastating to a healthcare system’s bottom line and reputation. A hospital faced loss of Medicare and Medicaid funding because of a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) survey citing multiple immediate jeopardy and condition-level deficiencies.

Healthcare facilities are also required to create a safe environment for patients and defend in place during fire events versus evacuating. For these reasons, the healthcare industry holds the highest standards, which also explains why there exists such scrutiny on the inspection reports.

When life safety inspections reports are uploaded to Building Reports, the healthcare team at FLSA carefully reviews each report so the reports meet all the life safety codes. If there are any findings needing attention they are shared with the FLSA district offices that performed the inspection. It is then required by that district office to address any findings and repair them. This prepares hospitals well for when the accreditation surveys occur and as a result reduces the amount of questions that may arise.  Above all, proper inspection reporting and documentation in a healthcare facility is often the result of an inspection performed well and by a qualified service provider.