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Life Safety Device Inspection for Healthcare Facilities

Life Safety Device Inspection for Healthcare Facilities

One of the highest priorities in any healthcare facility is a Fire and Life Safety system that is properly installed, fully functional, and thoroughly and regularly inspected. When Plateau Medical Center, a Joint Commission accredited healthcare facility in Oak Hill, West Virginia, met with our experienced and certified FLSA team, we listened to their needs and worked with key members of their staff to develop a fire and life safety device system that complies with all national and local medical standards.

Fire & Life Safety America provides a consistent schedule of fire alarm, sprinkler system, fire extinguisher, and special hazards inspections for the healthcare providers at Plateau Medical Center, as well as numerous healthcare facilities across the country. We work together with medical management staff to develop a regular weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual inspection schedule that complies with the Joint Commission’s formatting regulations and standards, to ensure all people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings.

After each inspection, our qualified technicians work directly with a facility’s maintenance and medical staff to promptly repair any insufficiency. After all inspection and deficiency repair work is completed, our staff adjoins and reviews all Joint Commission material to ensure that all inspections, repairs, and inventory have been accurately addressed to the highest protocol standards.

FLSA provides tremendous value to healthcare facilities as a one-stop-shop that implements and administers life safety system design, installation, and service work in addition to consistent and complete inspections. The highest quality seamlessly meets budgetary value and clear efficiency due to our central point of focus. Some examples include:

Each healthcare facility is centrally monitored through our network of FLSA locations nationwide. Every inspection report is measured against the previous three inspections to corroborate inventory consistency and success or failure of past reports.Our team regularly meets with hospital staff to stay up to date on inspection schedule needs and any needed review of past reports and materials. All life safety devices are barcoded and recorded upon installation for install date and time of inspection, as well as device type and model. All barcoded information is available to healthcare facility staff.

Fire & Life Safety America has the knowledge, certification, and experience to provide the complete inspection and maintenance needs to ensure life safety and fire protection of your healthcare facility so you can focus on what you do best, providing outstanding healthcare for your patients.