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How NOT To Cook a Turkey

How NOT To Cook a Turkey

Fire & Life Safety America would like to wish you and your loved ones a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

If you have plans to use a turkey fryer this Thanksgiving, we would like to recommend the following safety tips. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed; oil and water do not mix.

  • Turkey fryers should always be used outdoors and a safe distance from the house and other material that can burn
  • Be certain your fryer is placed on a flat surface to avoid tipping
  • Never use turkey fryers on decks or inside your garage
  • Never leave your fryer unattended
  • Never allow children or pets near the fryer even after the bird has been removed
  • Do not overfill your fryer
  • When touching the pot use oven mitts and wear safety goggles if possible to avoid oil splatter
  • Never extinguish a grease fire with water!
  • If the fire is manageable, use an all-purpose fire extinguisher

If you would like a visual on what dangers exist please tune in to this you tube video clip: