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If you think fuel is expensive…

If you think fuel is expensive…

Imagine the cost of an auto collision! As more and more Americans take to the road this Spring, traveling on vacation, enjoying the great weather. Don’t let the sunny days lull you into a sense of safety and security behind the wheel.

Did you know? More auto collisions occur during sunny days than any other time?

It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that more auto claims are the result of distractions in the vehicle. In-car technology, cell phones, eating, changing the radio station, or reaching for items. In fact, most collisions are the result of following too close. While other factors may play a role it is important to remember that the only space you can control is the space in front of your vehicle. Studies have shown that if you are following a vehicle closer than 3 seconds your chances of achieving an emergency stop, in response to that vehicle braking suddenly without colliding is virtually impossible.

Consider that at 60mph your vehicle has a closure rate of 90fps. If you are following a vehicle at a 3 second following distance and they brake suddenly, you would impact the vehicle in a fraction of a second. It could occur the moment you looked at the radio, or the moment your phone rang and you looked at the screen. In a fraction of a second your whole life can change.

At FLSA we teach our drivers to maintain a minimum 4 second following distance in good weather and dry conditions. If conditions change the following distance must increase to compensate. Practice a 4 second following distance today. On your drive home find a fixed object by the roadside. As the vehicle in front of you passes the telephone pole or street sign start counting (1-one thousand, 2-one thousand, 3-one thousand, 4-one thousand) if your vehicle reached the fixed object before you count to 4-one thousand – you are following too close. At FLSA we value your business and your life safety. Maintain adequate following distance and arrive alive!

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