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Tired of Performing Those Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections?

Tired of Performing Those Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections?

So was Duke University. The Fire & Life Safety Division at Duke recommended en-Gauge electronic monitoring systems to all their new construction specifications for any new construction in both Campus facilities and Health Care facilities.

en-Gauge is currently installed and online in the new Duke University Medicine Pavilion Hospital, Duke Cancer Center, and the Duke indoor field house for their sports programs.


en-Gauge Fire Extinguisher Monitor

en-Gauge Fire Extinguisher Monitoring systems provide an electronic signal that notifies facility managers the moment a fire extinguisher is pulled from its mount, when the fire extinguishers accessibility is blocked or when its pressure falls below safe operating levels. The en-Gauge technology is compatible with most fire alarm / security systems globally and integrated with most leading building control systems.

The Duke Fire & Life Safety Division team understands the multiple benefits with using this new technology in their buildings and has saved them significant man hours by no longer having to perform the required monthly fire extinguisher inspections. Relieving their staff from performing this task has also freed them to concentrate on other campus needs. They have also witnessed additional benefits towards the added safety for their students and faculty and can immediately detect when an extinguisher is removed from its cabinet and respond accordingly. This has ultimately reduced improper use and discharge of the fire extinguishers.

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Fire extinguishers are a vital component of life safety. Unfortunately, required monthly inspections are rarely performed consistently. The en-Gauge electronic monitoring solution obviates the NFPA code (NFPA 10, 2010, Chapter 7, Inspection, Maintenance, and Recharging of Portable Fire Extinguishers*) requiring 30-day manual inspections.

NFPA 10 Allows For Electronic Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers shall be manually inspected when initially placed in service.
  • Fire extinguishers shall be inspected either manually or by means of an electronic monitoring device/system at a minimum of 30-day intervals
  • Where electronic monitoring is used and the specific extinguisher cannot be verified electronically, the extinguisher shall be continuously monitored for location
  • Fire extinguishers shall be inspected at more frequent intervals when circumstances require.
  • Periodic inspection or electronic monitoring of fire extinguishers shall include a check of at least the following items:
  1. Location in designated place
  2. No obstruction to access or visibility
  3. Pressure gauge reading or indicator in the operable range or position

Electronic monitoring eliminates the code-required 30-day manual inspection.

FLSA is the only independent fire protection company on the east coast capable of providing this cost-saving solution.

*NFPA 10 2010 Chapter 7 Inspection, Maintenance, and Recharging of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Visual Inspection of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Portable fire extinguishers are required to be visually inspected when initially placed in service and at least monthly thereafter.

These visual inspections, intended to help ensure that each extinguisher is in its designated place and will operate if needed, can be performed by facility staff.