Posted September 24th, 2015 by Fire & Life Safety America

Deciding on the right product and vendor for your fire and life safety equipment is a huge commitment because it’s not only about the design and installation experience, it’s also about the quality of the product being used to ultimately help save or reduce harm to life and property. Should an emergency situation occur, it’s imperative that your fire and life safety equipment installed in your resident or place of business is up to date and fully operational. In an emergency situation, there is no room for failure or error and making sure every piece of a safety system functions at its highest level.

During the beginning phase of installing affordable fire safety equipment, it is important to research companies, products and the warranties of those products and services. It is important to know what product is being used from what vendor during the design phase and what coverage is included before entering the construction phase of any project when it comes to fire safety equipment and alarms.

Should an issue occur with a piece of equipment after installation, knowing that the product is covered under a warranty and may be serviced is an important aspect to bring peace of mind to any facility manager or property owner responsible for the safety of a location and its personnel. Finding a vendor who has a relationship with product manufacturers is key to having a timely response to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Whether you’re a home owner, a commercial property owner, head of campus facilities, or a contractor for the government, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing a vendor to design and install life safety equipment. It is important to understand why you should choose a service and product covered by a warranty.

So what does a warranty on fire protection systems mean for you?

  • Peace of mind knowing your equipment will be covered
  • Timely service response to inspect, maintain and replace faulty equipment
  • Coverage of product manufacturing
  • Proper guidance, installation and testing by designers and engineers
  • Constant identification of manufacturer recalls
  • Device inspection and maintenance in accordance industry regulations and standards

At FLSA, if signed up for LifeGuard Reporting Service following the design and installation of your system, we exceed the industry standard one-year warranty by offering a three-year warranty based upon performing the service and inspection work during the time of that warranty.

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