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What’s Missing from This Picture?

What’s Missing from This Picture?

On a recent appointment with a prospective client located in Charleston, S.C., a FLSA representative noticed during the survey of the facility a significant item missing from the fire pump.

The item missing was a solid base foundation and thus the answer to the article title.

In this case, the only thing supporting the fire pump was a ¾” threaded rod.

What the fire pump should have been supported by was a solid base foundation so as to support the weight of the pump and keep the shaft aligned. The question on whether or not to perform the annual fire pump test and weekly test would not have been recommended due to safety. If the system had been tested it could have resulted in a cytostatic failure and subsequent water damage to the inside of the building.

The FLSA representative took the time to explain to the customer the importance of having this situation corrected and also referenced the appropriate NFPA codes listed below.

  • NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection
  • Chapter 8, Positive Displacement Pumps
    • 8.8 — Foundation and Setting
      • 8.8.1 — The pump and driver shall be securely attached to a solid foundation in such a way that proper pump and driver shaft alignment will be maintained
      • 8.8.3 — The foundation shall provide a solid support for the base plate