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Assisted Living Fire Protection

Assisted Living Services

As a primary life and fire safety company, Fire & Life Safety America will provide your assisted living facility with the following services and advantages:

  • Assist on-site management team with life safety code interpretations to satisfy local (AHJ) Authorities Having Jurisdiction including the CMS guidelines, which require assisted living facilities to comply with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (LSC) and NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code (HCFC) requirements.
  • Scheduled inspections in advance to provide the property with ample notice of services
  • Provide a clean report towards post-inspection of all noted and corrected deficiencies

FLSA and its staff have been exemplary in their performance as we make a transition from seven life safety companies, and consolidate the portfolio into one. The field operations techs are knowledgeable and punctual which speaks volumes of the organization. I also want to commend the FLSA sales team, for their diligence and fairness during the contract negotiation period. I would also like to add that due to FLSA’s track record of professionalism, we are interested in adding the phone line monitoring program. We are also pleased with their web-based reporting system Building Reports. FLSA has made the entire transition seamless and painless.

– Vice President of Plant Operations

Houston, TX

Your Safety is Our Priority

Fire & Life Safety America has been a leader in providing life and fire safety services to the assisted living community for many years. Our goal as a foremost fire protection company is to ensure that the lives of your residents and the values of your properties are protected in the event of an emergency. Our complete fire protection services include fire sprinkler and alarm systems, extinguishers, hydrants, backflows, emergency lights, and suppression systems. We also offer UL listed fire alarm monitoring.

A Partner in Your Success

As the assisted living community continues to grow, it is important to ensure that you collaborate with a fire protection company that is experienced. FLSA is currently a member of Assisted Living Associations found across our company footprint. When you work with an industry leader, you save time and ultimately money.

Premium Reporting System

Fire & Life Safety America is a proud partner with Building Reports creating a paperless online reporting system. This reporting system allows us to bar code and inventory all your life safety equipment along with a time stamp of when each device was tested assuring you received a quality fire and life safety inspection. Your reports are available online 24/7 thus alleviating the stress of looking for your reports when the local AHJ or insurance company needs them.

Case Study

Retirement Center Management (RCM) Senior Living has collaborated with FLSA to perform the life and fire safety inspections at their communities located in Texas.

Expert working

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Proud Member of the NALA

FLSA is an active member of the National Assisted Living Association (NALA) within the FLSA company footprint. Getting involved in these associations is an important part to understanding your day-to-day operations and helps us deliver better customer service towards your direct needs.