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Assisted Living Case Study

The Situation

Retirement Center Management (RCM) Senior Living manages a portfolio of outstanding senior living properties in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. RCM is located in Houston, Texas and are privately held. A key priority of RCM is providing a safe living environment for their elderly residents and their employees by ensuring their safety in the event of an emergency.

Recognizing the importance of providing a thorough test, inspection and maintenance of the fire protection systems found in assisted living facilities is critical in satisfying local (AHJ) Authorities Having Jurisdiction and CMS guidelines. Record keeping of past inspection reports and timely delivery for facility managers is critical to meeting life safety code guidelines.

RCM had contracted with several fire protection companies and had the challenge of managing the coming and goings of the various vendors. They are also challenged by managing the multiple of invoices and the detail of the invoices on what to pay and the reasons behind the recommended repairs. One of the additional challenges RCM faced were the multitude of the fire inspection reports including how to access and understand the detail of the reports. With all of the different test and inspection frequencies, it was difficult to manage the multiple reports provided by all of the vendors.

The Solution

Fire & Life Safety America has been partnering with facility managers at Assisted Living homes for many years on properly maintaining their facilities’ life and fire safety systems.

Fire & Life Safety America worked with RCM in developing a proactive approach to meeting the fire and life safety needs of their communities, including sprinkler, fire alarm, extinguisher, and special hazard inspections. Together, we developed a plan of action to maintain a consistent schedule for fire and life safety inspections while providing an inventory of the devices during every inspection.

After the inspection and deficiency work is complete, FLSA provides immediate access to the post-inspection reports for review along with a clear understanding of any recommended repairs. The life safety reports are designed to satisfy local (AHJ) Authorities Having Jurisdiction including the CMS guidelines, which require assisted living facilities to comply with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (LSC) and NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code (HCFC) requirements.

The Value

  • Complete inventory of facility life and fire safety devices using Building Reports which allows assisted living facility managers to review and manage all of their inspection reports online using one login address
  • Consistent review and plan of action for all deficiencies
  • FLSA is one point of contact for all life safety inspections

FLSA partners with Building Reports using online software that systematically provides consistent inspection report formatting, cites NFPA codes for deficiencies, and helps meet our sustainability and energy focus.