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Education Fire Protection

Fire Protection Services For Schools, Colleges, and Universities

As a principal life and fire safety company, Fire & Life Safety America will provide your campus facilities with the following services and advantages:

  • Scheduled inspections and deficiency repair work during off school hours
  • Reliable and consistent reporting to facility maintenance personnel
  • Prompt response times to all emergency related service needs

Our University partnered with FLSA five years ago in the life safety maintenance and inspections on our campus. The University chose FLSA because of its outstanding reputation and the professionalism shown by its employees in providing the University with unparalleled installation, service and inspections as well as being a one stop shop for all of the Universities Life Safety needs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with FLSA for many years to come.

– Director of Safety

Baltimore, MD

Your Safety is Our Priority

Fire & Life Safety America is sensitive to the special life safety needs and circumstances faced by those responsible for a safe learning environment and overall care of students ranging from elementary schools to higher learning institutions. FLSA recognizes the needs and concerns of school administrators and facility maintenance departments in their efforts to provide the assurance of a well maintained life and fire safety system. We protect your most valuable asset…that of children and school personnel in all learning environments.

Full Range of Services

Our services and capabilities within the education sector offer a full range of fire protection services, including test and inspection of fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire suppression, backflow prevention, fire pumps, fire extinguishers and special hazards. Unlike other fire protection companies, we take care of our customers in house, so that we provide unmatched customer service and assurance.

Inspecting Smoke Detector

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Today, more than ever, Public School Systems are tasked to reduce costs and standardize their fire protection services including testing, inspection, and maintenance throughout their facilities.

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