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Education Case Study

The Situation

Today, more than ever, Public School Systems are tasked to reduce costs and standardize their fire protection services including testing, inspection, and maintenance throughout their facilities.

It used to be common practice for School Systems to partner with multiple fire protection companies to support some aspect of their fire protection systems, including:

  • Fire alarms, sprinkler or suppression
  • Authorized dealer of an OEM Manufacture or product lines
  • Only one of several geographic region(s)

These one off solutions were costly and cumbersome to manage and coordinate effectively.

The Solution

In the spring of 2012, Fire & Life Safety America petitioned a large school district in North Carolina to consider changing these ineffective existing fire protection services, arguing that they did not serve the fiscal or operational interests of the school system.

After presenting the petition at a council meeting, the school system voted to allow FLSA to furnish a uniform specification that can be used to solicit for a single provider to support the totality of the fire protection program including the several hundred locations, and both fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. FLSA further suggested a requirement that the chosen provider manage the reports and documentation associated with the testing and inspections of these systems, efficiently removing this responsibility from the school system administrators. The bid specification was well received by the school system.

FLSA was awarded the agreement in July 2012 and renewed the agreement in July 2013.

The Value

  • Complete inventory of facility’s life safety devices utilizing Building Reports technology which allows the school system’s facilities department the ability to review and manage all of their inspection reports online using one login address.
  • Consistent review and plan of action for all deficiencies.
  • FLSA has partnered with, and also utilized our company IT group to build effective integrated tools and processes for managing and measuring the requirements of our customer consistently.