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Government building

Government Case Study

The Situation

A federal agency with multiple contractors for fire and life safety services identified the need for an increase in service efficiencies, lower contract costs and increased confidence in system capabilities.

Service Quality

With the multitude of various contractors the inspection reports varied in structure, detail and thoroughness. Among the inconsistencies was the level of service, attention to detail, and lack of follow-through on deficiencies.

Risk Management

Multiple reporting structures and concern of accuracy raised doubt about the effectiveness of the life and fire safety systems and the agency’s ability to meet the Joint Commission requirements.


Increased costs associated with the management and administration of multiple contracts and concerns regarding cost efficiencies did not create the best value for the government.

The Solution

FLSA provided or proposed:

  • A single consistent reporting structure for all fire and life safety services which can be accessed via the Web or in electronic format.
  • Reports which met NFPA and Joint Commission requirements, and adhered to stringent QASP standards.
  • Consolidated services as a “One-Stop-Shop” to perform all the fire and life safety services under one inspection format.

The Value

  • Provided immediate 24/7access to one reporting structure, which established a virtual inventory of all the life safety devices within the building. This singular inspection report is utilized to prioritize identified discrepancies by risk and cost, as well as used as a forecasting tool to identify future maintenance expenses that otherwise would have gone unplanned.
  • Provided the government with a “one-stop-shop,” streamlined communication, increased service efficiencies and decreased risk by providing a trusted reporting structure.
  • By consolidating multiple services into one contract, government spending was decreased in procurement, administration and contract costs and the government was ensured overall best value.
  • Streamlined the procurement process by using our GSA schedule for the inspection, testing and service of fire protection systems.
  • One point of contact for ALL inspection services.

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