As a leading fire protection company, Fire & Life Safety America is experienced in providing the following services to hospitals and health systems:

  • All fire and life safety devices are barcoded and scanned during an inspection which records the install date, time and date of inspection
  • All noted deficiencies include references to the applicable NFPA code requirement, DNV Healthcare, The Joint Commission Life Safety Code and Environment of Care element
  • Each hospital inspection report displays and juxtaposes the last 3 inspections to verify inventory consistency and provides evaluations based on pass or fail status


Fire safety for hospitals, health systems, and healthcare industries:

The healthcare industry has many regulating authorities that verify essential procedures and facility standards. Fire & Life Safety America has been providing life safety and fire protection inspections on various life safety systems for healthcare facilities for over 10 years. During this time, FLSA has created a proactive approach to meeting regulatory standards adopted by Federal, State, and local agencies including Fire Marshals, The Joint Commission, and DNV Healthcare.




FLSA has partnered with Building Reports, using their technology with hand-held devices for our inspection technicians and a unique barcoding system to inventory all life safety devices within the healthcare facility, which we have named LifeGuard™ Reports. Our fire and life technicians capture crucial information including device type, device location, status of inspection, NFPA standard and complete inventory of all life safety devices within the facility. In addition, Building Reports technology systematically displays the Life Safety and Environment of Care Standards coinciding with the NFPA codes, tracking the inventory against the last 4 inspections to verify device counts remain accurate during every inspection.



Chesapeake Regional Medical Center(CRMC), part of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, serves the Hampton Roads Community by providing excellent patient care. CRMC has 310 private beds arranged in special nursing units and over 600 physicians on staff that provide the best possible care to their patients.

CRMC is accredited by HFAP, and must meet specific CMS Life Safety requirements.  The Life Safety Inspections are very crucial to maintain a safe environment for the patients, visitors, and staff.  Proper documentation of these inspections are paramount in order to validate all Life Safety systems and devices are inspected by the applicable NFPA Codes & Standards.

Fire & Life Safety America created a Life Safety partnership with CRMC in 2018.  FLSA tests and inspects the fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire doors, special hazard suppression systems, and fire extinguishers.  Throughout the inspections, FLSA has ongoing progress meetings with CRMC staff, and provides proper documentation of the inspections and deficiency repairs.  In addition, FLSA’s internal healthcare compliance team reviews every inspection report for accuracy.  By working together, FLSA and CRMC have created a great partnership, and work together to make sure all Life Safety systems and devices stay in the correct inspection timeframes.

As a premier fire protection and life safety solutions company, Fire & Life Safety America understands and respects the regulatory procedures of the healthcare industry and the steps taken towards compliance. FLSA’s service team meets quarterly with our clients to review their reports and provide supporting documents for The Joint Commission binders. This attention to customer support and detail is what differentiates us from other fire protection companies.


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Mark Smith, CHOP

Director of Healthcare Solutions

Mark joined FLSA in January 2008 to help build the Service Division in Virginia and now serves as a company leader in healthcare markets. Mark earned his Certified Healthcare Operations Professional certificate from DNV GL in 2018 and also attends continuing training seminars held by NFPA, The Joint Commission, and ASHE. Mark has over 20 years of hospital and healthcare industry experience, prior to joining FLSA he worked at Cintas for 10 years in their Facility Services division. He graduated from Longwood College in 1998 with a BA in English. At home, Mark enjoys spending time on his farm with his wife and 6 children, coaching soccer, and volunteering in the community.


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