As a leading fire protection services company, Fire & Life Safety America can provide the following advantages and services to your hospitality facility:

  • Provides the ability to budget future fire protection expenditures
  • Greatly improves Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) compliance levels
  • Reduced liability as a result of high quality system testing and maintenance




Fire & Life Safety America is an industry leader in fire protection companies with a full service, in house staff that manages the life and fire safety compliance needs of a single hotel or multi-unit operations. Our fire protection services include support for single ownership, management companies, large franchised based operation and even large Real Estate Investment Trusts.

The hospitality industry offers many unique challenges in the area of fire protection. As with most public-accessible business, life safety is the primary concern. It is essential that all fire protection systems be operating properly and efficiently. Additional complexity may stem from Jurisdictional compliance and brand standards which may also impact fire protection testing, inspection and service requirements. Insurance carriers often play an important part in driving fire protection standards to satisfy both life safety and property protection needs.

A hotel can typically have fire sprinklers and pumps, fire alarm, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, hood suppression and backflow protection. They also include special protection devices such as fire dampers, fire doors and even elevator fire protection systems. Add to all of this is the “guest” component. Hotels and motels drive their business through customers. There is a strong need to keep each system functioning properly and to avoid false alarms. There are typically requirements and restrictions on when the audible systems can be activated for testing. Guest inconvenience is not an option nor is any unplanned business interruption.

These systems can be complex requiring a high level of system testing and operation knowledge. As a leading fire protection company we know that life and fire safety is paramount and we guarantee to offer responsive and reliable service when it comes to emergencies. FLSA can also manage testing and inspection as well as any service and repair needs found during the inspection or service calls. Our in house organization has the ability to support national, regional or local contract needs.

FLSA currently contracts with numerous multi-site hotel operating organizations as well as local chains and individual sites throughout the United States.

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