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Hospitality Case Study

The Situation

Fire & Life Safety America, a leading fire safety company, has a large national customer that is responsible for numerous hospitality facilities. Each facility requires unique, high-level fire and life safety standards.

In the past, the customer used multiple service providers to manage all of their fire protection services. The negative end results they experienced were:

  • Significant loss of standardization
  • Consistency
  • Cost control
  • Reliability
  • Difficulty in managing outsourcing

The Solution

Fire & Life Safety America was awarded numerous locations around the country thorough our National Accounts Program. The life and fire safety services included fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire pump, fire extinguishers, backflow prevention as well as service and repair.

  • FLSA assigned and coordinated all inspection and service work based on the needs of the customer.
  • Inspection standardization and reporting was developed.
  • The quality and detail of the inspection greatly improved site asset data.
  • Pricing was consistent,
  • Reliability became the rule, NOT the exception.

The Value

In the words of the customer, “FLSA DELIVERED!” FLSA:

  • Reduced liability as a result of high quality system testing and maintenance.
  • Provided fire and life safety systems they can count on when needed.
  • Greatly improved Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) compliance levels.
  • Offered competitive pricing that matches services delivered.
  • Allowed controlled use and management of outsourcing.
  • Enhanced the customer’s ability to budget future fire protection expenditures.
  • Direct access to support needs and having a single point of contact