As a leading life and fire safety provider, Fire & Life Safety America will provide the following advantages and services to your industrial facility:

  • One point of contact for all life safety needs
  • On-going training from FLSA certified technicians and inspectors
  • Access to all life safety system inspections from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection

Fire & Life Safety America understands that effectively servicing industrial customers requires flexible approach to adapting to the customers on-site training needs and safety expectations. Life and fire safety is a paramount even as the industrial market encompasses different types of facilities with their own specific safety requirements. Fire protection companies like Fire & Life Safety America help you achieve your safety goals through technician training, recurring monthly training meetings for staff, and ongoing verification of our safety data. We offer classroom training or hands on training utilizing our state of the art training trailer that can come to your facility on an as needed basis.

By partnering with Building Reports web based reporting technology, all inspection reports are recorded automatically online. This means that current and past reports are available when needed accessible from anywhere using a confidential username and password.

Additionally, Fire & Life Safety America has partnered with ISNetworld for many clients including Georgia Pacific, Kinder Morgan, and JBS to collect safety, procurement, sustainability, quality and regulatory information from contractors and suppliers. This information is then verified for accuracy and then formatted in easy to follow reports. This allows organizations to select those resources that best meet internal and governmental requirements, while providing contractors and suppliers the opportunity to centralize their information, save time and gain a greater presence in the marketplace.

“The record keeping is online which is beneficial to our company. I would recommend FLSA to any company to whom is looking for the professionalism of FLSA.”

—Area Manager, Pre Con, Inc.

FLSA acknowledges the increased safety guidelines and diverse environment the industrial sector offers and has taken a proactive approach to meeting our customers’ needs. We have placed a strong emphasis in partnering with our clients to keep them highly satisfied while properly servicing their sprinkler systems, fire alarm panels, and other life safety equipment.

To work with the best in fire protection companies, call Fire & Life Safety America at 877-634-3572.

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