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Apartment building

Multi-Family Case Study

The Situation

The Worthing Company manages class “A” multifamily properties across the southeast. Managing risk and assuring the residents and properties they manage are protected is a critical aspect of their business.

Ensuring the life and fire safety protection equipment will function as designed and ensuring that maintenance test and inspections are being performed on a regular basis and so that the properties meet all local AHJ and insurance requirements.

The Solution

Fire & Life Safety America set up a meeting with The Worthing Company to strategize on how to approach the needs of the properties’ life and fire safety equipment that they manage. Working together we were able to come up with a strategy that gave them consistency on scheduled inspections, ensuring the life safety systems were being tested and the ability to have inspection reports all located in one area.

After each inspection, our service staff works with the properties and maintenance directors to ensure any and all deficiencies or unexpected results are corrected in a timely manner. To further close the loop upon the conclusion of the inspections and maintenance process, FLSA would then provide a clean report showing that all deficiencies have been corrected.

The Value

The customer desired a process in place to control the management aspect of the life safety systems. Fire & Life Safety America, being a one stop shop for their life safety needs and providing report management through online services, helps manage this process.

All the life safety reports are easy to access and reviewable online. The properties of Life safety equipment is bar coded and time stamped showing the location of the devices inspected and the time they were inspected. The FLSA service team along with the on-site technicians work with the properties to correct the deficiencies and help manage the risk ensuring all the life safety systems were up to code and satisfied all local AHJ and insurance requirements.