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Retail Fire Protection

Retail Store Fire Protection Services

As a leading fire safety company, Fire & Life Safety America provides the following advantages and services to your retail organization:

  • Provide pricing that is sensitive to budgetary requirements and customized invoicing
  • Inspection documentation that included complete visibility to life safety device inventory
  • Inspection process and documentation that satisfies insurance requirements

FLSA has provided invaluable help towards our need for one life safety service provider by providing quality and accuracy to all of our reporting and documentation needs. We were assigned an account manager who has been readily available for all of our situations. By using FLSA, we are proud to say that all of our many retail locations are code compliant. Thank you to all that we have had the privilege of working with at FLSA.

– Area Manager

Atlanta, GA

Full Service Company

Fire & Life Safety America is a full service life and fire safety protection company that can manage the diverse needs of a retail organization. The retail sector is a unique marketplace that encompasses everything from large big box national chains, grocery operations, department stores, multi-location drug and specialty stores, convenience stores and more. All with varying types of fire protection needs.

A Partner You Can Trust

The retail industry also has many unique challenges for fire protection. Life safety is the priority followed by compliance, property protection and simply managing the business. Operating hours often play a key factor in maintaining fire protections systems. Of major importance for all retailers is keeping the business going. Business interruption can quickly erode profits and impact customer loyalty.

Retail environments require services including fire sprinkler, fire pumps, fire alarm, and water storage holding tanks, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, hood suppression as well as backflow prevention. FLSA has the capabilities, knowledge and experience to manage all of these needs and more. This includes the testing and inspection component as well as any service and repair needs and can support national, regional or local contract needs.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our goal is to keep your facilities safe and compliant. Our efficiency in providing these services can also help you manage expenditures which are very important in this relatively high merchandise turn and low profit margin industry. FLSA currently supports numerous national retailers as well as local chains throughout the United States. Our service capabilities, document reporting processes and dedication to fire and life safety has made FLSA a “go to” company for managing the often complex area of fire protection.

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Case Study

A national retailer made the decision to regionalize their fire sprinkler testing, inspection and repair program. This chain has well over 1,000 locations coast-to-coast but made a decision to regionalize services instead of using a single provider format.

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