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National Account Case Study

The Situation

A national company with locations across most of the United States recognized that they were having a difficult time managing their life and fire safety protection requirements.

They were concerned about the following issues:

Risk Management

The organization was unaware if or when inspections were being completed. From both a risk of property and risk of life, they felt exposed.


Due to turnover and reorganization, they found it to be nearly impossible to keep up with what inspections were needed and when they were due.

Service Quality

There was a great deal of inconsistency between inspection companies and inspection reports including a great deal of inconsistency between the level of service each location received.


They were contracting with hundreds of fire protection companies for (sprinkler, alarm, extinguisher, backflow, and fire pumps) and did not have standard terms and conditions, did not know the financial stability of most of the companies. They also did not feel that they were leveraging their size and spend.

The Solution

  • The Building Reports reporting system provided by Fire & Life Safety America gave them a consistent and complete on-line electronic report that they could review and confirm that inspections were being completed as required.
  • FLSA’s ability to contract for ALL fire protection services eliminated the need to hire multiple companies at each location to complete all the needed inspections.
  • FLSA’s commitment to process and service quality improved the level of service that they had previously been receiving. The FLSA call center documented service calls, response times and coordinated activity across multiple states with the ability to escalate when necessary.
  • The company was able to leverage their size and spend to their costs and reduce the amount of time associated with contract review and processing invoices.

The Value

Improve quality and consistency

The organization was able to improve the level of service across their portfolio by contracting with an ISO certified company.

Reduced management times

FLSA can now manage all fire protection services and reduce the time associated with identifying and managing multiple vendors.

Reduced vendors

Simplify contract management by eliminating multiple vendors.

Leverage spend

Establish favorable pricing by leveraging buy power of the entire organization.

Reduce liability

The organization was able to confirm that inspections were not missed or incomplete through electronic reports.